How can we help?

All needs fall under one or more of these 4 categories:

Spiritual - Emotional - Physical - Financial

At Mercy's Refuge we will bridge the gap and address all of these needs!

According to the ETHNN: these are the areas of greatest need

Economic Wellbeing: 
Earning a living wage and health insurance coverage were identified as the most critical needs in relation to economic wellbeing.


  • Indicator:            22% have less than a high school education.
  • Need:                 Acquiring a GED was identified as the top need.


  • Indicator:            25% are unemployed.
  • Need:                  Developing computer skills was identified as the top need, followed closely by career and job training and resume writing.


  • Indicator:            39% have no healthcare coverage.
  • Need:                  Dental care and eye/vision care were identified as the top two healthcare needs.

                                     In addition, treatment for depression and anxiety were identified as their top mental health needs.

  • Indicator:            18% percent are experiencing homelessness with an additional 8% at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Need:                   Affordable housing was identified as the top housing need.


  • Indicator:            31% percent do not have a vehicle.
  • Need:                  Getting a driver’s license was identified as the top transportation need.

All indicators combined: 
12% of all those interviewed reported facing all five indicators combined: No high school diploma or GED, unemployed, no healthcare coverage, experiencing homelessness, and without a form of transportation.

The top ten overall needs quantified by the Smith County CCNA are: 
1.      Dental Care
2.      Eye/Vision Care
3.      Achieving a Living Wage of Income
4.      Health Insurance
5.      Computer Skills
6.      Credit Repair
7.      Money for Prescription Medication
8.      Have Past Due Bills
9.      Resume Writing
10.   General Medical Care